The Legal Clinic for Refugees and Immigrants offers an opportunity for students to participate in classes focused on refugee, human rights, and migration law.  These classes are offered free of charge and are extracurricular to Sofia University graduation requirements, which provide no option in the subject.  New Clinic members take part in a semester-long preparatory course in refugee and migration law, taught by Clinic staff and student volunteers.  These classes are intimate, seminar-style sessions which allow for critical examination and discussion of central issues facing refugees and immigrants in Bulgaria and the broader region, as well as evolving international and domestic law and policy. All students are encouraged to actively participate in presentations, debates, creative writing assignments, and court simulation exercises, regardless of disciplinary background, and to actively immerse themselves in the subject matter. Through this experience, they engage not only with the legal instruments and framework but also with the myriad dynamics that affect and shape the refugee and immigrant experience. This teaching approach allows for a flexible and holistic learning experience in preparation for, and consideration of, students’ subsequent practical education through direct engagement by the provision of legal aid during the second semester of the academic year.

Courses in English for refugee and migration law purposes are taught in order to increase international competence and capability.  These skills are essential for access to much of the existing research and foreign case law, as well as for increasing communication and exchange with colleagues from abroad and for participation in international forums.


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